Hells Gate Hiking


Hells Gate National Park has fantastic climbing wall good for rock climbing. Just about 90 km from Nairobi making it a perfect addition to a safari trip.

Trekking is a favorite activity at Hell’s Gate National Park especially on the weekends where people use these two days out of the City life to enjoy wildlife and also to keep fit. Take a wondrous hike right from the park’s main gate, Elsa Gate, to the park’s main valley and get treated to the fantastic sight of a variety of bush life while at it. If you are the type that likes the calming effects of water, then take the trail that descends from the Central Tower right into the Lower Gorge. A walk through the gorge is simply magical.

You will, in some places, come across water eroded walls so close to the point of blocking the sky view. It is while on this same trail that you get treated to the bewildering site of some of the world’s most captivating cold and hot waterfalls, hot springs and colored rocks.



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