Sagana Hiking


Rapids Camp, Sagana has different trails for hiking. Some easy and some very difficult terrains. You can walk upto 20 KM full of nature around Rapids Camp and Kiambicho forest without exhausting everything found within its rich habitat.

Long hiking nature trails start in the morning and end up at lunch time. We still have other forms of nature trails which can take an hour or less. Book early to confirm with our agent the kind of experience you would like to have. Some of the notable things that can be seen are over 105 birds recorded species, different types of monkeys around the place. Giant monitor lizards have also been seen during our hikes, and you can also cross gorges and valleys. If you are a short term traveler or local tourist in Kenya, why don’t you try this?

The nature trail has been tested and found safe with thousands of man enough program hikers having completed the treks safely.



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