Sagana Ziplining Tour


All safety equipment, instruction and an adrenaline rush. A Zip Lining experience like no other! Fly across the Tana River on our new zip line, the perfect way to destress on a rush of adrenaline and marvel at the beautiful scenery from a different point of view.

Just like in skydiving, in zip lining, you are propelled by gravity, tied on to a cable with a safety line, and going across a valley or even a body of water.

The challenge of being suspended above some ‘dangerous zone’ is what offers the thrill, and the satisfaction of finally making it across.

There is a zip lining experience offered at Tana River. Its cable is suspended about 7 meters above the river that you will swing along, to another platform across.


  • All safety equipment


  • Food and Drinks
  • Private transportation
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